“The Annoyed Librarian is possibly the most successful, respected, and desirable librarian of her generation.She has no other interest than to bring her wit and wisdom to the huddled librarian masses yearning to breathe free.The Annoyed Librarian is a free spirit and you are lucky to have her.”

I enjoy reading her opinion of so many different library topics.  Her blog is partnered with The Library Journal.

I hope to discover and add more blogs to this section.



More Tools



“Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world”

From your hobby to your career, your class notes to your final exam, your mood board to your runway show, padlets help you organize your life.

A classmate and group mate has suggested this tool and created a Padlet for our group project Resources.

I need to spend some time working with this application because I really liked the one for our project.


Symbaloo your bookmarks and online favorites with Symbaloo. A free social bookmarking service in the cloud. Pro versions available for business & education.

This is another tool recommendation by a fellow classmate/group mate along with this Tutorial.  Another tool I would like to  have more time to explore.




So I must add while recreating my blog since “we shall no longer give credit to the site that failed” I have noticed I have gotten a few likes on my post(s) one is from:

“Damyanti’s short fiction has been commended at the Bath Flash Fiction award. Her debut novel in progress, Delhi Winter is longlisted for the 2015 Mslexia Novel Competition and Flash500 Novel Opening Chapter and Synopsis Competition.”

Thank you Damyanti. I am thrilled to have caught your attention for even a moment or even by mistake. I will check out your site.

I will also add that while working with WordPress and uploading images that TWO times I have gotten security warnings and as a grad student nothing is more scary than to think of losing all of my work as I near graduation.

Thank you to back up applications to relieve a bit of my stress on this topic: Dropbox and Google Drive.




My good friend is the Bookcliff Middle School Teacher Librarian in Colorado. We share books, TV programs and she is my go to for my course questions as well as figuring out my technology issues.

She works with the students on their yearbook(s) and also her library was a recipient of the The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries 2011 Grant.

She was also my surprise visit for my birthday. We attended and loved seeing our favorite Country music star- Luke Bryan


I also talked to her while she was visiting about my options to get my teaching credentials for becoming a TL. I want to be just like her when I grow up.



New Tools


This handy application was suggested by Professor Buchanan and I am still getting the hang of it. I like that that it slims down the emails however I just seem to know what subscriptions are there and think I don’t need to look at the daily email. So it is somewhat counter productive and I keep thinking why hasn’t a certain email been added so I can manage it in subscriptions.

I just need to spend more time with it and yeah once I can figure out how to add more time to the day I will be able to work with this great app.



Now my go to for all things for blogs. I like the somewhat user friendly format and get frustrated with the publishing and updating features. Yet for the most part it is great to just sit and type and add the information I need.

Another peeve of this site is the Categories & Tags. I read the “Help/Instructions” for this section and it still didn’t mesh with how to make it do what I want. I think a small part of my frustration is having taken some coding courses and knowing there are ways to do what I want and not being able to do it.



I USED to like this site. However I will give credit to Wix for failing me and redirecting me to use WordPress for my blogging needs. I will completely admit it is much easier to blog on WordPress and add content than on Wix.

This was also the origin day of this blog/journal

Today’s Task

February 4, 2016

Welcome to Day one about creating my Personal Learning Network Journal for San Jose State University INFO 233 School Library Media Programs with Professors: Harlan & Buchanan. I am in pursuit of my Masters of Library and Information Science degree.

The goal of this blog is to have my own Professional Learning Network which will “contribute to professional growth and lifelong learning” Along with assisting in “…staying abreast of new tools, best practices for educational trends, and new ideas” (Harlan & Buchanan, 2016).


I had time and my whole house to myself which is a dangerous combination. So I gathered up nourishment, my chargers and headphones so I could settle in my favorite spot in the library to start on this project.  I do remember I hadn’t been in the library for a bit so I had a great time catching up with the Library Director Julie and another library assistant and we talked about my favorite author Kristin Hannah’s book Nightingale. I had not read it as I am not a fan of Historical fiction and they both assured me it was a must read as in “drop whatever is happening around you and read it until the end book” which I must say that is the case of many of her books.  We also rated and discussed new DVD movie releases.

Anyhow I do count Julie as part of my PLN people. Julie and her assistant director Stephanie are great to talk with and are always encouraging and interested in my pursuit of getting my graduate degree.


Important People in Libraryland

February 4, 2016

These are people I need to know more about!

(image credit Shelley Buchanan SJSU)


I set out a goal to take time to find out more about these people and why they are important in Libraryland.

I started with Buffy Hamilton. Whoa! Ms. Hamilton has an impressive resume and Libguides and many accolades to  demonstrate why she is an important person in Libraryland.

The last and above link really impressed me about how on “on the fly” she was able to assist a teacher which turned into a bit of a crisis when the teacher fell ill and still was able to make the project a success. Hamilton asked the students”What gives you the most difficulty when doing a research assignment?”

(Bold indicates most common)

The student’s responses:

  • Getting started or knowing how/where to start
  • Staying on task/dealing with distractions
  • Procrastination
  • Finding valid and credible sources and knowing that they are such
  • Finding relevant resources (to the research topic)
  • Search terms
  • Managing citations (EasyBib to the rescue!)
  • Knowing which sources to use (MackinVIA groups FTW along with LibGuides)
  • Knowing how to use the databases
  • Keeping up with notes/organizing notes
  • Pacing self through the project

Which in turn became a research libguide for her students. No questions why Hamilton is a who’s who in Libraryland.