Important People in Libraryland

February 4, 2016

These are people I need to know more about!

(image credit Shelley Buchanan SJSU)


I set out a goal to take time to find out more about these people and why they are important in Libraryland.

I started with Buffy Hamilton. Whoa! Ms. Hamilton has an impressive resume and Libguides and many accolades to  demonstrate why she is an important person in Libraryland.




The last and above link really impressed me about how on “on the fly” she was able to assist a teacher which turned into a bit of a crisis when the teacher fell ill and still was able to make the project a success. Hamilton asked the students”What gives you the most difficulty when doing a research assignment?”

(Bold indicates most common)

The student’s responses:

  • Getting started or knowing how/where to start
  • Staying on task/dealing with distractions
  • Procrastination
  • Finding valid and credible sources and knowing that they are such
  • Finding relevant resources (to the research topic)
  • Search terms
  • Managing citations (EasyBib to the rescue!)
  • Knowing which sources to use (MackinVIA groups FTW along with LibGuides)
  • Knowing how to use the databases
  • Keeping up with notes/organizing notes
  • Pacing self through the project

Which in turn became a research libguide for her students. No questions why Hamilton is a who’s who in Libraryland.


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