New Tools


This handy application was suggested by Professor Buchanan and I am still getting the hang of it. I like that that it slims down the emails however I just seem to know what subscriptions are there and think I don’t need to look at the daily email. So it is somewhat counter productive and I keep thinking why hasn’t a certain email been added so I can manage it in subscriptions.

I just need to spend more time with it and yeah once I can figure out how to add more time to the day I will be able to work with this great app.



Now my go to for all things for blogs. I like the somewhat user friendly format and get frustrated with the publishing and updating features. Yet for the most part it is great to just sit and type and add the information I need.

Another peeve of this site is the Categories & Tags. I read the “Help/Instructions” for this section and it still didn’t mesh with how to make it do what I want. I think a small part of my frustration is having taken some coding courses and knowing there are ways to do what I want and not being able to do it.



I USED to like this site. However I will give credit to Wix for failing me and redirecting me to use WordPress for my blogging needs. I will completely admit it is much easier to blog on WordPress and add content than on Wix.


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