This week’s post is to correct/update/ expand on the prior posts that were recreated in haste to meet a deadline and now need a bit of finesse.  The following questions were asked :

What about Buffy’s work inspired me? What is the take-away from her post? How will it influence my future as a library professional?

So let’s revisit Buffy whose credentials/professional resume and blogs are astounding.The take-away from the instance I picked when Buffy  is how her focus was on the students as well as thinking of how to work with teachers. To recap Buffy was working with a teacher on a project and the teacher fell ill. Buffy and the substitute were not only able to complete the project which was


  • “She (teacher) needed to have small seminar discussions with students. (And)
  •  She needed for students to have some instruction on EasyBib and research databases for a project in which students are investigating issues related to social media.”


Those goals were met and Buffy was able to use the student’s feedback to create a Research guide to help the students for future projects.

I appreciate Buffy’s accomplishments and her focus on the students, I am most impressed by the following statement, “We took time to talk about each student’s challenges as I wanted to be sure to validate and honor each area of concern.” Buffy was also thinking about collaborating with teachers, “The feedback also helped me collect informal data that might help me sway teachers to build in more time for topic selection with activities like reading frenzies or Think/Extend/Challenge.”

Which are also two topics I need to look into further-reading frenzies or Think/Extend/Challenge.

I would like to model my future librarian behaviors after this example of how Buffy used her skills to assist the teacher, the students and improve her librarian skills. Buffy pointed out her hindsight moment that she could have had the idea for the collaboration to produce the outcome that occurred “on the fly”.

the Next question was:

Why and how will you use Padlet?

I have yet to explore/create my own Padlet. However I was introduced to it by my classmates/group mates as a great way to list our Resources for our Middle School Makerspaces presentation.

Middle School Library Makerspaces

Collaborate Link -Recording #16

How does your mentor inspire you and inform your sensibilities about future work with teachers and students?

My mentor is excited to share new technologies and ways to help her students. She has worked with students with their yearbook creation, talent show and makes many displays of their artwork.

Home page has search engines such as Google, an Online Database, a Virtual Library, and also practice tests, current events, the library calendar and Microsoft Office lots of great resources for students, parents and staff. http://bms.mesa.k12.co.us/library/index.htm

The Reading Tab is called “Reading Rocks”and the sites are broken down by reading levels, book awards, book programs such as Scholastic, CO Blue Spruce YA and NoveList K-8 and Book Stores. http://bms.mesa.k12.co.us/library/reading/index.htm

The Projects section is called Power Projects and has Science, Language Arts, Math, Literacy, Social Studies and other categories all broken down for students to explore. http://bms.mesa.k12.co.us/library/projects/index.htm

“Radical References” lists: Almanacs Statistic Info, Atlases and Maps, Biography Sources, Country  Sources, DataBases, Dictionaries Thesauruses, Encyclopedias, Magazines, Newspapers, Primary Sources, Primary Sources and TV.                                                       http://bms.mesa.k12.co.us/library/references/index.htm

Homework Help lists the following:

Homework Hotline (e-mail)

Ask a Librarian-Mesa County Public Library

Ask Colorado-Colorado Virtual Library

Discovery School-J Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper and Study Web                                      http://bms.mesa.k12.co.us/library/homework/index.htm

Just for Fun shares the following categories: COOL Websites, Games, Puzzles, and Book Websites. http://bms.mesa.k12.co.us/library/fun/index.htm

This website was developed by my mentor who wanted to make sure students have access to all sorts of information, materials and resources. She worked with a website builder to get her vision in a user friendly format. To assist teachers in the Power Projects section she made this note: “In order to do “Our Best Work Everyday” use the websites that have been suggested and reviewed that align with curriculum needs and standards.”





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