Who’s Who of Teacher Librarian..


So I wanted to get some more information about becoming a Teacher Librarian so I thought I should seek out some input from the trenches so I visited the following site:


It is the “…top school library blogs ordered by website popularity metrics and social media engagement including the number of followers on Twitter” how awesome is this site.  I wasn’t at all surprised to see the Unquietlibrarian listed just not in the number 2 spot. https://theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com/

So I thought I’d take a gander at who is number one. Which is The Blue Skunk Blog-Leaving readers confused at a higher level since 2005. http://doug-johnson.squarespace.com/

I love the explanation of the name of the blog:

Oh, Blue Skunk? As I understand it, early explorers attempted to give this part of Minnesota the Lakota name for “blue earth” – mah-kah-toe. Somehow this got changed to man-kay-toe, the Lakota word for “blue skunk.”

I like the image and the lesson about how easily things get lost in translation.

The Blue Skunk was started August of 2005.

Also on The Blue Skunk site is this of the creator and his Mini Bio:

Doug Johnson is the Director of Technology for the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage (MN) Public Schools. His teaching experience has included work in grades K-12. He is the author of nine books, columns in Educational Leadership and Library Media Connection, the Blue Skunk Blog, and articles published in over forty books and periodicals.

The first blog post that caught my eye was a budget tip from Johnson from From The Indispensable Librarian, 2nd Edition, Chapter 8 “Budget” about making sure you have a list of items that can be bought with small leftover end of the year money other departments are trying to use up. Budget Idea

The second post that caught my eye was, How did you use your computer in school today? – Home – Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk Blog

The post has a great information on the new question we parents will be asking their kids which is “How did you use your computer in school today?” instead of “How was your day?” I can super relate to this question because my high school junior was able to have a Chromebook this school year thanks to the 1:1 initiative.

Johnson points out 3 main goals of the 1:1 initiative are to: use the “Learning Management System” to “access the resources” thus replacing textbooks and saving on paper by having syllabi available on the Chromebooks, also “Student Productivity” which is encouraging students to be creative with their academic projects, not just a word processing paper but creating a video with graphics, text and sharing their topic with others and lastly “Student Collaboration” which is not just submitting the assignment to the instructor it is working with other students in other districts or another country for peer review or on a group project using Google docs.

That way when students are asked “How do you use your computer today? they are able to answer:

“I edited a video explaining a science concept.

I took a quiz that showed I could advance to the next unit.

I collaborated with a student in Spain on a project.

I read an article that was written at my ability level. ”

The focus is not which laptop the kids are using it is more about what they are using them to accomplish and create.

I now see why The Blue Skunk Blog is number one. It is because of the great resources, suggestions and tips he shares with educators and teacher librarians. This is a wonderful site to check for questions about being a Teacher Librarian.





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